• Energy efficiency – a myth?

    Internet portal for suburban real estate Cottage.ru published an interview with the director of the Moscow office of the company HONKA Alexander Lvov, who in answer to a question about energy efficiency of housing suggested, in my opinion, rather questionable judgment. Question Cottage.ru: “… I would like to know your opinion on energy efficiency of housing. This topic is under active consideration, including in the government, but the actual projects can be counted on the fingers. “Alexander Lvov:” Energy efficiency – it’s more like a myth. Because it can not be taken separately energy-efficient home. For it is power, power, and receive a kilowatt of energy is not as energy efficient. Again, the heat losses in the pipeline for supply of heat. To some extent it’s a stretch. Yes, our house is definitely comfortable for human habitation in terms of air infiltration from the standpoint of environmental purity materials, the lack of certain harmful compounds. But energy efficiency, especially in our country – it is a convention. Yes, we have a European certificate. But in general this is a very cynical to talk about energy efficiency, when the house is on a modern, very energy-intensive equipment, made logistics. The bottom line is there is no energy. “


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